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Exemplifying Beaux-Arts architecture mastered by Daniel Burnham, The Southern Building has commanded attention for decades and truly embodies the definition of fortitude at the corner of H Street and 15th Street Northwest in the “White House” micro-market.

Owned and managed by SJG Properties since 1971. ​ Looking forward to speaking with you about our building and availability.

For office leasing:

Randy Harrell
+1 202 494 5220

Brittany Gosnell
+1 610 213 0413

Paul Adkins
+1 240 205 6871

Joe Coleman
+1 301 641 1525

For retail leasing:

Jared Meier
+1 240 479 7195

Taylor Hayes
+1 202 807 5434

805 15th​ STREET, NW

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